In Tropical Research Centre (TRaCe), there are several facilities prepared by Pulau Banding Foundation (PBF) which aim to help Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK) in research and education purpose. The nucleus building is the Research Center, branching out to the Pulau Banding Foundation Dormitory and Belum Discovery Centre.

Research Centre Wide 3

The research centre was completed and officially opened on July 9, 2008, and equipped with rudimentary space for researchers to work and store their tools. Once researchers have spent several days exploring the forest, the centre serves as a halfway point where they can analyse their samples before returning to their respective colleges or institutions for additional investigation. Internet access is available, along with dry and wet labs for processing and analysing samples, a reference library, a meeting space, and offices for the centre’s employees.

Contructed in 2013, the dormitory holds five rooms on the first and second floors of the dorm feature four beds each. Another five rooms with two beds each, air conditioning, and an attached bathroom are located on the ground level along with a pantry. The dormitory, which has internet access, is designed to enable researchers to spend a night or two analysing their data before sending it to their university. Then, they can carry on their investigation by returning to the jungle.

The centre, which was located right next to the PBRRC, displays a diverse assortment of live indigenous plant species that were planted across the area. There is a freshwater pond that houses practically all of the freshwater fish species found in the Belum-Temengor lake and riverine ecosystems. Inside the BDC, there is a gallery with preserved specimens of various mammals, birds, including the famous hornbill, reptiles, and bug species found in Belum-Temengor and throughout peninsular Malaysia’s forest. The gallery can also hold up to 40 people in a theatrics layout for courses and training.